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The Future of RF with SMA KOAXXA RF Interconnects
The Future of RF with SMA KOAXXA RF Interconnects

TE Connectivity introduces the future of RF with KOAXXA SMA interconnects. The KOAXXA SMA product platform is designed to help provide innovation, flexibility, and value for connection where it counts.


The RF market has seen rapid expansion in the last few decades. This growth continues to be fueled by increased global consumer demands for new technologies, such as cloud computing, broadband mobile internet and smart energy metering and grid communications. But as these markets expand, expectations of the performance and economic sustainability of RF interconnect solutions are changing to meet future global and emerging market requirements, customers’ system design and applications, and regulatory oversight.

The KOAXXA SMA product family disrupts the RF industry by replacing screw-machining techniques with inexpensive and more efficient manufacturing technologies. All SMA signal contacts are made using stamping and forming (S&F) operations, one of the TE’s manufacturing core competencies. S&F presents the most efficient technique in the RF interconnect industry with a cycle time in milliseconds, a 10- to 100-fold increase in manufacturing productivity. Similarly, the dielectric part of the KOAXXA SMA product is also produced using a more efficient injection mold operation. With TE’s proprietary selective
plating technology, the gold is plated on the mating zone only and saves gold consumption as much as 90 percent. Similarly on a PCB interface, TE is able to plate tin only on the solder tip.

As with TE’s legacy RF product portfolio, the KOAXXA SMA product line is designed to be fully compatible with IEC-169-15 interface standards and qualified per EIA-364 test standards. What is unique and different from traditional forms is
that the KOAXXA SMA product is re-designed to use modern contact physics theory and large scale manufacturing technology, displacing a 60-year-old manufacturing method known as screw machining in order to meet customers’ current and future expectations of cost, value delivery and environmental impact.

Aside from cost savings, the integrated manufacturing approach where most manufacturing operations such as stamping/forming, molding, plating and auto-assembly are co-located can greatly improve the production efficiency and cut the production lead time from the industry average.

KOAXXA SMA product utilizes an innovative signal contact system with lower normal force than screw machined contacts. This reduces plating wear from mated surfaces that drive the need for thicker plating.

The KOAXXA SMA interconnect family’s cable applied products are designed and qualified using common coaxial cable termination methods such as crimping and soldering.

There is no difference between KOAXXA RF interconnects and traditional SMA interconnects in terms of cable type support and termination methods.


  • Fully compatible with IEC-169-15 standards
  • Designed for 0-18GHz performance
  • Product qualified per EIA-364 test standards
  • Ability to mass customize products
  • Global manufacturing cells
  • Large-scale manufacturing techniques
  • Designed for fully automated assembly
  • Up to 500 cycle mating durability



  • Designed and manufactured to provide industry-leading build to order lead times globally
  • Modular platform design allows for new connector designs to help meet customer demand
  • Automated assembly and electronic visual inspection to ensure quality
  • Selective tin plating only in solder regions allows for easy soldering
  • Selective gold plating puts gold only where it is needed
  • Bright nickel plating provides a robust attractive surface finish


  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Transmission equipment
  • Base station and sub system components
  • Smart grid meters
  • Antennas
  • Broadband communication equipment
  • Routers
  • Industrial solutions
  • Mobile radio handsets
  • Commercialized applications in military/aero


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