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This central and integrated web-based platform offers language options, powerful design tools, a reference design library, search intelligence, a bill-of-material management tool and e-commerce capabilities. Instead of surfing around multiple websites, design engineers and buyers from around the world can now search for information and even collaborate virtually through Arrows single platform for all of their electronic component needs.

This webinar covers how the EFM32 family of Cortex-M devices consumes the lowest energy while sensing Relative Humidity, Temperature, UV Light and gestures.

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This report provides general information on purchasing trend of product segments including Analog, Discrete, Embedded, Logic, Connectors etc. Contact your local Arrow sales representative to find out how Arrow can help you manage inventory assets more effectively and increase your supply chain efficiency.


The Hybrid and Electric Vehicles ((H)EVs) passed the tipping point long time ago. The benefits of (H)EVs fuel cost savings, environmental friendliness, improved performance have been widely acknowledged and reflected in the growth of the number of sold vehicles.

Vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications enhance traffic safety and lead the way in implementing the dream of the self-driven car. Specific memory solutions are needed for demanding state-of-the-art automotive applications.

From telematics to infotainment to cloud connectivity, the driving experience is undergoing an electronics revolution. The newest vehicles on todays roadways are now equipped with sophisticated multimedia consoles, high-speed data ports, camera assisted driving systems, and a myriad of low frequency to high frequency communication antennas.

This paper is focused on the design and experimental verification of an auxiliary bidirectional power converter to interface the 12V bus system and the 200V-450V bus system. The solution is based on two switching converters, linked through a high frequency transformer able to achieve efficiency values higher than 90% over a wide load range with reasonable cost.

CK is a global switch manufacturer based on high quality and performances products such as industrial, aerospace, medical and automotive. Automotive market is one of the most challenging markets regarding the right mix to offer: top product performance, zero defect at a competitive cost.

The dramatic convergence of technology in the car is quickly making it a key part in the Internet of Things (IoT) and will have revolutionary changes on the way we travel. Through a combination of technology, expertise, and investments in automotive engineering capabilities, ecosystem alignment and research, Intel is helping automakers speed time-to-market of new in-vehicle technologies.

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The advancement of Ambient LED Lighting solutions stems from the quest by automotive-OEM interior stylists to add value and make their vehicles more appealing to the drivers senses, while creating a truly positive driving experience and increasing brand awareness.

Fairchild Semiconductor has developed an inverter reference design (IRD) demonstrating the use of the new FTCO3V455A1 three-phase automotive power module (APM). It is intended for use in medium power (1-2 kW) 12V three phase inverter applications.

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industrys smallest 12-V, 750-mA DC/DC power regulator. The SIMPLE SWITCHER regulator features high performance and tiny nano packaging to drive space-constrained and power dense applications in a variety of markets, including consumer, industrial and automotive. Packing a number of features into a 2.56-mm2 package, the nano power regulator makes it easier for engineers to design a power supply for their system, and along with TIs award-winning WEBENCH online design tool, simplifies and speeds the process.

The AMIS-3062x is a family of micro-stepping motor drivers and controllers for automotive headlight alignment, HVAC, industrial process control and surveillance camera. It receives positioning instruction via the bus (LIN or I2C) and drives the motor coils to the desired position. This note describes how to use the AMIS-3062x to arrive at a set of robust motion parameters, reducing the occurrences of step-loss and false step-loss flags.

The high level of interconnected technologies in automobiles, the wide variety of new external interfaces, and the linking of personal data with vehicle functions all mean that new security approaches are necessary to protect against hackers. This article outlines the architecture of a trust anchor with the aid of a security processor. Using a trust anchor enables individual operations, larger networks and personal data to be secured against unauthorized access and manipulation.

This paper presents the basics of the start-stop powertrain in ICE vehicles along with associated automotive electronics tests for this type of design. Also presented will be a discussion of the many design considerations and advancements in inductor technology.

KEMET has long history to offer the Tantalum capacitor products for automotive electronic application. T498/T499 series products can withstand 150℃/175℃ high temperature. Offering Auto grade Low ESR T495 series and Low DCL T489 series products. For infotainment application, engineer can choose Polymer Tantalum solution T591 series which has the advantage of Polymer Tan cap, withstand 85℃/85%RH test for 500hrs.

Amphenol HSD (High Speed Data) Connector is used in Automotive Infotainment Telematics System Solutions in harsh environment with any combination of various protocols of LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling), GVIF (Gigabit Video Interface), USB, IEEE 1394 as well as Ethernet.

The LCD panel display has rapidly replaced traditional display technologies used in everything from notebook PCs, monitors, televisions as well as the instrument gauges in your car. This means the traditional analog gauges and dials in the cars instrument cluster are going digital.

In-vehicle infotainment is a hot topic nowadays in the automotive world. At the heart of todays sophisticated automotive infotainment platforms is a high-performance automotive radio tuner, an essential component that provides a state-of-art radio listening experience to drivers and passengers.

The advanced driver assist system (ADAS) will see a steep growth in the years to come. One driving factor is the increased safety awareness and the desire for more driving comfort on the customer side. But first and foremost Euro NCAPs tightened safety requirements will boost installed ADAS equipment from single digit take rates to almost 100% over the next few years.

Todays digital-savy drivers are accustomed to 24/7 connectivity to the internet and 24/7 communication with colleagues, employers, family, and social networks. Whether shopping economy or luxury class vehicles, they want the total driving package price, safety, performance, reliability, comfort and the Wow factor. Enhanced driver and passenger features can help build automotive brand identity and differentiate a manufacturers offerings.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, formerly Emerson Network Powers Embedded Computing Power business, today outlined a new strategy to become the supplier of choice for board-mounted dc-dc power solutions. A refreshed product portfolio will address the growing demand for excellent dynamic load performance, high efficiency over a wide load range, and efficient thermal management with a lower cost of ownership.

Yageo automotive-grade SMD chip resistors (AC series) widely used in car infotainment, comfort, and safety segments, are developed based on Yageos production knowledge of thick film and further enhancements of existing processes. Anti-sulfur chip resistors (AA series) can be used in power train, safety and body control.

This white paper discusses the use of Altera FPGAs in safety-critical Advanced
Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). It looks at the general safety concept of such
applications and provides examples on how to implement certain diagnostics in the
FPGA to detect faults in the application.

For many years, the load dump surge condition test for automotives was defined in the ISO-7637-5a standard and was used by major automotive component manufacturers worldwide. In 2010, this standard was replaced by a new automotive load dump test: ISO-16750-2. This article describes the changes to the load dump test condition and defines the maximum surge suppressing capability on an example load dump TVS under those conditions.

In this article, you would explore a comprehensive portfolio of Atmels products and solutions in automotive application. Including Atmels QTouch Fast Charge Proximity Acquisition Method, Smart UHF Receivers, Next-Generation Car Access Receiver Modules, etc.

Large, high voltage rechargeable battery systems are now common sources of power in applications ranging from electric vehicles to power grid load leveling systems. These large battery stacks are comprised of series / parallel arrays of individual battery cells, and are capable of storing enormous amounts of energy (tens of kilowatt-hours).

In response to a need for active and predictive safety systems within the automotive sector, semiconductor suppliers are developing innovative radar-based embedded solutions. These next-generation technologies present unique capabilities for designers of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), enabling life-saving safety features as well as compliance with the latest regulatory standards.

This paper describes the new TE Connectivity LITEALUM crimp which was developed and validated for exactly this type of vehicle application. The crimp barrel that was designed for fully automated processing avoids known problems of terminating Al wire creep in particular.

Protecting automotive electronics includes eliminating transient surges that can damage the control units, infotainment electronics, sensors, fuel injectors, valves, motors, 12/24/42V powertrains and hydrolytic controllers, etc. Littelfuse TVS diodes provide protection for four main categories of vehicle systems: safety,
performance and emissions, comfort and convenience, and hybrid vehicles.

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